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  • We can work together with you on your project and develop a part or complete application. If you need new features in the existing Aspose product or to create API for new file formats, send us a request.

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Extend Aspose products

If you need new features in existing Aspose product or to create API for new file formats.

Full Stack Application Development

WE WILL HELP EVALUATE YOUR IDEAWe can develop a part of your project or complete application.

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What we offer...

We will work together with you on your project, focusing on our API solutions, so you can maintain focus on your business.

Dedicated developers

Depending on your project size, you can hire one or more dedicated developers for your project.

On-time and Within Budget

Our expertise, procedures and frequent communication guarantee predictable results.


We use the latest tools, technologies and frameworks to build applications on a high level.

Personalized Customer Support

Our dedicated, committed and supportive team helps your business run smoothly.

Agile Best Practices

Experienced, dedicated and continuously learning.

Effective Communication

Direct communication with the assigned team, telephone line, Skype, web meeting platforms, or via issue center.

Success stories

Check out these success stories and see how companies like yours have achieved outstanding results with the help of our team.

The "Scoring Exams Optical Mark Recognition" project

We have successfully completed a project that uses our API for Optical mark recognition (OMR), the process of reading information that people mark on surveys, tests, and other documents. OMR is used to read questionnaires and multiple-choice examination papers in the form of shaded areas

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The Lufergo Paid Consulting project

The request from Lufergo was to provide a one-month training for 5 developers and to show them best practices using Aspose products. APIs involved in the project are Aspose.PDF, Aspose.OCR, Aspose.Email and Aspose.Slides.

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The Report Project - Aspose Paid Consulting

A success story of Consulting project that could create complex reports from a Word document template that contained OpenDoPE tags, and data stored inside XML file.

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Aspose.Cells.GridJs upgrade Consulting project

One interesting consulting project came in March 2022. The customer requested new features in our Aspose.Cells.GridJs application. Aspose.Cells.GridJs is designed to display and manipulate Excel spreadsheets in web aplication using Aspose.Cells API in the background.

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Aspose optical mark recognition API upgrade project

The project which upgraded Aspose.OMR for .NET which is a reliable and versatile programming API for designing and automatically recognizing hand-filled answer sheets, surveys, tests, ballots, SAT exam forms, insurance claims, and similar documents in which respondents answer a question by drawing a random mark in a circle or square.

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Consulting project for company that offers SaaS services on a global scale

Over the past two years, our team of skilled developers has been diligently working on a consulting project for a company offering SaaS services on a global scale with an emphasis on connected data and reporting automation. Within this engagement, the team is tasked with what Aspose products do best: utilizing Aspose APIs to import and export various documents from/to different file formats.

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